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About the Station Sergeant

The Station Sergeant is a real police officer, who is very annoyed.  He's mostly annoyed about the way police officers are prevented from doing their job properly by political interference, pink and fluffy career-promoting initiatives and the efforts of criminals and their solicitors to ensure that justice is neither done nor seen to be done.  

The Station Sergeant, along with those of his colleagues who aren't chasing promotion, skiving in back office jobs or currently enjoying a spell on light duties, loves nothing more than kicking in doors and locking up villains.  Unfortunately he spends far more time filling in forms and drinking tea.  So much tea, in fact, that he had to have some special mugs produced to contain it all.

The Station Sergeant is, above all, Proud to be a Pleb.

This site will bring you the Station Sergeant's latest blogs, updated as and when he gets annoyed.  To read these, follow this link  to The Station Sergeant's Blogs.

There are some other websites and blogs run by free-thinking cops of course.  The best ones, in my opinion, are linked to my site from this page.  More will be added as time goes on.

If you want to get in touch you can either leave a comment on the blog page, or send me an e-mail.

Check out Police magazine.  My column lies therein.


The Station Sergeant joined the police what seems to him to be a very long time ago.  It is rumoured, in fact, that his tutor constable was none other than Sir Robert Peel.  

For four years, the Station Sergeant wrote a weekly column in Police Review magazine, before the magazine ceased publication in November 2011.  The column allowed the Station Sergeant to froth at the mouth and rant about criminals, politicians, solicitors, senior managers, do-gooders, tree-huggers, Rentatrot protestors, time-wasters, promotion chasers, spotty teenagers hanging around outside the late shop and anyone else who gets in the way of efficient and effective policing.  It proved surprisingly popular with rank and file bobbies and the Police Federation.  It was unsurprisingly less popular with the ACPO Press Office, the Superintendents Association and the Home Office, so was clearly doing its job.  

Quoted in The Times, The Guardian, The Sun and even the South Wales Echo, the Station Sergeant column fearlessly exposed waste, hypocrisy and the general buffoonery of our Lords and Masters.  Now that Police Review is pushing up the daisies, metaphorically speaking, the Station Sergeant continues his chuntering and complaining in the PFEW's Police magazine, on this website, Twitter (@stationsarge) and on his Facebook page.


"There is no place for the Station Sergeant in today's police service." - A Chief Constable.

"Giving the Station Sergeant a column in Police Review is like allowing Richard Littlejohn to edit The Guardian." 

- The Superintendents' Association.  (No, I don't know what they're on about either).

"...predictably we ended up with the Station Sergeant, Police Review's grumpiest columnist, whose tales of supine bosses and 'urban hillbillies' paint the truest picture of modern policing" - Hugh Muir, The Guardian.

"... a diatribe of reactionary nostrums that would do justice to an American shock jock"  Prof. P J Waddington

"An excellent column; my favourite part of Police Review." - A former Home Secretary with an alleged fear of the darkness.

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